In approximately 48 hours, A Memory Called Empire will be released into the world at large, for your reading pleasure. I am incredibly excited and horrifically nervous all at once. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it; I hope it sticks with you and makes you think; I hope it is something you find beautiful and disturbing and pleasurable to read.


LAUNCH PARTY: Tuesday 3/26/19, 7 PM at the Ivy Bookshop in Baltimore, MD!

(There will be Teixcalaanli objects for you to consume and/or take home. Plus readings from me and Vivian Shaw, from both of our work plus a new project we’re working on together…)


Between March 26 (release day!) and the end of May, I am going to be in ... places. Many places. This is the current list, as best as I know it, but you can always check out the Appearances & Events tab above to see an updated list of where I'll be next and specifics on times and schedules. But here’s the tour as it stands!

  • MARCH 26 - BALTIMORE - The Ivy Bookshop - 7 PM - Launch party and reading, followed by discussion with Vivian Shaw on creative partnerships.

  • MARCH 28 - JERSEY CITY - WORD Jersey City - 7:30 PM - Ancestral Night + A Memory Called Empire:Elizabeth Bear and I will read from our new books, then have a conversation about the legacy of women who have written space opera and the state of the genre today. 

  • APRIL 3 - NEW YORK CITY - The Strand - 7:30 PM - Come to the second floor art department of the Strand to hear me talk about A Memory Called Empire with Peng Shepherd, author of The Book of M.

  • APRIL 4 - WASHINGTON, D.C. - Solid State Books - 7 PM - "Political Protest in Speculative Fiction", a discussion with Malka Older.

  • APRIL 13 - SAN FRANCISCO - Writers With Drinks - a reading & performance, m.c.'d by Charlie Jane Anders, featuring Saskia Vogel, Peng Shepherd, Arkady Martine, Michelle Cruz Gonzales, Mike Chen, and Susannah Breslin.

  • APRIL 17 - NEW YORK CITY - KGB Bar - 7 PM - reading at the Fantastic Fiction monthly series at the KGB Bar, alongside Nathan Ballingrud.

  • APRIL 24 - BALTIMORE - Charm City Spec - 7 PM - a reading, alongside Sarah Pinsker and Justina Ireland.

  • APRIL 26-27 - LITTLE ROCK - Arkansas Literary Festival - appearance at the 16th Annual Arkansas Literary Festival in Little Rock (further details to come!)

  • MAY 11-12 - MINNEAPOLIS - Wordplay Festival - appearance at the first annual Wordplay Festival (further details to come!)

  • MAY 18 - GAITHERSBURG - Gaithersburg Book Festival - appearance at the Gaithersburg Book Festival (further details to come!)

  • MAY 24-26 - BALTIMORE - Balticon - I'll be on programming at Balticon 53 (further details to come!)

Please do come to any event near you, or if I'm not coming to somewhere near you, I hope to see you in the future when we do coincide.

... also, if you come to these events, you might be able to walk off with entertaining prizes ...

new website, exciting publication news, and con appearances in Europe

Well, let's just do this all at once, shall we?

Hi. I'm Arkady, I write speculative fiction when I'm not writing Byzantine & Armenian academic history or planning cities, I (currently) live in Baltimore with my wife Vivian Shaw -- it's weird having a fixed address, but I've got one now, and I rather like it -- and I have just sold my first novel, along with its sequel, to Tor Books, where Devi Pillai will be my editor.

I'd tell you the title of the novel if I knew what it was. Title of novel status: assailing Fortress Tor Marketing with a trebuchet loaded with water balloons. The titles go sploosh and dissipate rapidly. In hopes of loading the trebuchet with something a little more substantive I'm currently rereading Kalpa Imperial: the greatest empire that never was by Angélica Gorodischer, which has been gorgeously translated into English by Ursula Le Guin. I recommend it even if you aren't trying to find a title for your space opera about imperialism, the colonized mind, institutional memory, and plot-bearing poetry contests.

I do have some lovely press for it already, though, and that I can share: http://www.tor.com/2017/07/26/arkady-martine-debut-space-opera-announcement/ It should, god willing and the creek don't rise, be published in 2019.

I am currently engrossed in the first round of edits for said novel, which means that the fact that I am also leaving for two weeks in Scandinavia tomorrow evening is hilariously both wonderful and terrible: going to Scandinavia! Sweden -- for my very own Byzantium and SFF conference, Reception Histories of the Future! Finland -- for WorldCon 75, the first WorldCon I've ever been to!

but my edits! (I expect I will be editing on planes.)

Schedule of where you might find me:

UPPSALA, SWEDEN (AUGUST 4-6) - Reception Histories of the Future: a conference on Byzantinisms, Speculative Fiction, and the Literary Heritage of Medieval Empire

Friday August 4th

  • Opening Lecture
  • Panel - Space Empires: Roman or Post-Roman? AKA Rhomaioi and Barbaroi in Space

Saturday August 5th

  • Panel: Histories of the Future: Apocalypse as a Future-State, Ends of the World, and the Fall of Empires
  • Discussion: What has Athens to do with Jerusalem - or Byzantium to do with the 21st Century?

Sunday August 6th

  • Panel: Empire and its dissidents: reading the speculative fiction of empire and conquest through postcolonial eyes (moderator)
  • Panel: After the decline and fall - decadence in SFF

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (AUGUST 7, 8:30 PM) - An evening at the Nobel Museum - What stories does science tell? From psychohistory to planet-busting superweapons.

  • In which I get to moderate an amazing panel of SFF authors, including Kameron Hurley, Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, Fran Wilde, and Jo Walton.


Thursday August 10

  • Panel: Fanfic As A Writing School (10 AM)
  • Panel: Reimagining Worlds With Speculative Poetry (9 PM)

Friday August 11

  • Panel: Fantasy Warfare Not Based In Medieval Methods (10 AM)

And after that I'm just wandering around the con, having a lovely time!