New short fiction: "Object-Oriented" in Fireside #53

A somewhat belated announcement of new short fiction! My long flash piece, "Object-Oriented", is in Fireside #53 (March 2018). It's still March! I'm not entirely too late on the announcement business!

This is perhaps the first story that I've had published which entirely emerges from my new work in urban planning. (Thinking about urban planning apparently gets me to write near-future SF, which has not previously been my wheelhouse.) It is also a story which I'm incredibly pleased appears next to Marissa Lingen's brilliant "Flow", in the same issue. There are a great many ways to think about individual relationships to the physical environments, in SFF -- SFF clarifies, in many ways, how human and ecological and built-environment are already and can become ever-more-so entangled with one another. "Flow" is in a sense about accommodation. "Object-Oriented" considers resilience. I like reading "Object-Oriented" against "Flow", and asking if their protagonists, Marisol and Regina, are in fact engaged in the same kind of sacrifices; if they could exchange places.

(The part of me which is still all about writing fanfic would want them to meet.) (The part of me which is all about collaboration wants to write with Marissa about cities and wildernesses as inverse loves.)

"Object-Oriented" wouldn't have been written if I hadn't read this CityLab article about the team of volunteer architects and engineers who responded to the 2017 Mexico City earthquakes. Think of them, when we think about what we can do in crises.


Also some news: I expect this coming week I will have some Exciting Announcements, and I'm planning on launching my newsletter properly -- so if you haven't signed up, get signed up now. I promise you collections of interesting peculiarities, and also the first shot at knowing what's going on with the novel coming out next year...